Melisa Dobish

Director of Special Education

Kearney Public Schools

We at Kearney Public Schools have been working with Just 5 Teachers for the past three years as we reorganize our programs for students with significant behaviors. They have been incredibly helpful and supportive. They provide ideas and resources that can be used and implemented immediately. We have seen outstanding results as we have modeled our programs after theirs. I highly recommend working with Just 5 Teachers!

Haley Reikofski

Primary Special Education Teacher

Plattsmouth Elementary

Just 5 Teachers are very willing to share ideas, answer questions, and brainstorm ways to help teachers and students be more successful. They think outside of the box for those students (and teachers) who might not always "fit" in the box! Just 5 Teachers helped get me started on google forms and made data collection way easier! It was just what I had been searching for before their presentation. Just 5 Teachers know behavior... how to define it, how to track it, and how to ultimately change it!

From Ali Switzer

Metro Region Behavior Specialist, NE ASD Network

Educational Service Unit 3

On behalf of our Autism team, Just 5 Teachers presented to ESU 2 and ESU 3 participants on teaching and generalizing social skills in a school setting. The content and enthusiasm was way more than I was expecting. They provided a ton of strategies for teachers to take back and utilize within their classroom and rationale and research supporting the strategies. They also gave teachers access to many links that lead to already created materials that they could use. Their passion for education shines through when presenting as well as in their daily teaching.

Amy Petricek


Plattsmouth Elementary

We were fortunate to have Just 5 Teachers present to our Special Education teachers this Spring. Before the presentations, Just 5 met with me in order to plan the most effective professional development. Our teachers have used several of the strategies and ideas presented during these sessions, including levels of restriction and rewards. At the building level, our MTSS Behavior Team created a common card and level system for students after attending the sessions. Because of this system-wide change, we have seen success with students who have previously struggled. Just 5 not only has the expertise needed to present on meeting the difficult needs of students, they are relatable and personal and connect with teachers. Our teachers feel comfortable asking questions and being vulnerable because of their expertise and openness. I'd highly recommend Just 5 as a whole school professional development opportunity, or as a special education opportunity. No matter the audience, Just 5 Teachers have a wealth of knowledge to offer!